Spirit of the House

A vision, a commitment

  • To offer a space to each person to take care of themselves, of others, and of others on the way.
  • To allow our guests of all ages, sometimes in interaction, to settle down, to un-settle down, to settle down again by living experiences, moments of transmission. To be able to be inspiration.  To resource and have meaningful exchanges and encounters.
  •  To sow seeds of life, joy, hope, gratitude, happiness, peace, harmony, radical acceptance, and the challenges and blossoming of change. 
  • To nourish the confidence of today's pilgrims just as we are today's and tomorrow's humans, in this vast magical and mystical experience called life.

Values in action


Under the roof of La P'tite Graine, hope or the assurance of being able to trust life, oneself, others, the path, the divine, is cultivated.

The freedom

Each person is invited: to listen their  own voice, in awareness, and individual responsibility, for their  needs.  And perhaps contribute to others searching for their essential needs. To discover fidelity to oneself as a source of freedom

The opening 

A stay at La P'tite Graine: an invitation to welcome the unknown, the different,  and explore new possibilities.  All the while attempting to staying open,  experiencing things in the child mingto new experiences, without preconceived ideas or judgment.

The balance

These walls, rich with 500 years of change, speak:  life is movement, permanent movement as a source of  harmony, growth, and progress. To find one's balance in movement of the universe, is the source of divine life. Music, silence, breathing in and out, the rhythm of existence.

 Little elves at work...

Laurence Schneider - the heart of the house

I had adventures in this place when I was a little girl. My parents transformed it into a guesthouse and meeting place for all kinds of passers-by, musicians, artists. Until one day, after 40 years, the house needed a new chapter...
Having spent most of my life in Germany, I came back to Auvillar in May 2020 to bring new colors, new poetry and freshness.  I bring a vibrant energy to this house to welcome you and take care of all the living things that inhabit it. 

The seasonal workers - the bees foraging the place

This year 2022, Jan Bradka joined La P'tite Graine for the whole season. In 2021, he walked to Compostela from his home in the Czech Republic to Finistère (Spain). He will be able to share his experience with you.  You can help him in his proficiency of the French language; and maybe learn a little Czech!

Artus - the soft dog

Every three months, Artus comes back: a dog in alternating custody, who travels between France and Germany. He is a 9 year old Airedale Terrier, very zen, tender hearted, friend of all that lives, but also of all that eats. If you put down your bags: be careful with your baguettes, cookies and cheese leftovers as everything can disappear in the blink of an eye, silently, and without leaving a trace...