Pilgrim Prices

The style and philosophy of the place 

Between simplicity and richness you will find a series of contrasts: Very quiet rooms, no dormitories, max. 2 persons per room.  On the other hand, bathrooms and toilets are shared, on average by 4 people (on request 1 bathroom can be reserved privately). Good bedding, a concern for comfort and cleanliness, but no right angles anywhere, and single-glazed period doors and windows (to be noted at the beginning and end of the season).... It's a bit like living the daily life of our ancestors, with all the advantages (charm, beauty, natural and healthy materials), and the disadvantages (a few doors that jam, a bit of brick powder, and sometimes also a spider's web that escaped the elves, who were nevertheless very devoted to cleaning). It's lively, it's full of discoveries, it's unusual and a bit magical...  

Ideas behind the prices

The prices indicated below seem fair to me:  

  • To enjoy unforgettable moments in a rare and atypical setting
  • For the rooms: These prices allow me to bring a comfort in adequacy with the places (good bedding, towels, kettles & herbal teas in the rooms, calm and space).  
  • For half-board and breakfast: these prices allow me to buy local products, in season, from a sustainable agriculture, which respect our needs and those of the planet and which I will cook with joy.  

 Your contributions allow me to be fully available during the whole season, to hire punctual help as needed and to preserve this beautiful heritage (house from the end of the 15th century).

On the other hand, it is a welcoming house and does not want to exclude. I am aware that some pilgrims in the spirit of the path have limited financial means. Do not hesitate!
Welcome to those who feel called to come and recharge their batteries at La P'tite Graine, to contact me to find a fair formula together (exchange of services, donation of other pilgrims in the "pilgrims in solidarity box").

Night for single room

50€/large bed/1 person
45€/person for a couple
With : 

  • Sweet or savory breakfast 
  • Coffee / Tea / Herbal tea at will upon arrival
  • Towels and bedding service 
  • Possibility to use the washing machine

Night for a twin room

35 €/bed/person
With : 

  • Sweet or savory breakfast
  • Coffee / Tea / Herbal tea at will upon arrival
  • Towels and bedding service
  • Possibility to use the washing machine

Night for a small room with one or two beds (without tourist view)

With: everything else - see above

Price Table d'hôte

20€/person for an evening meal including : 

  • Starter, main course, cheese, dessert
  • Drinks (wine, beer, herbal tea & coffee)
  • Service around 7:30 pm 
  • People who only wish to eat a little, but who would like to join the convivial table, are invited to express their needs and agree on a fair price. 

La P'tite Graine rental prices

Possibility to rent the entire house for your family parties, seminars and group events, including : 

  • rooms, 
  • living rooms and kitchens, 
  • patios